Neighborhood Projects

TEDCO and TIDCO have installed 3 sattelite parks in several of our neighborhoods and the City of Tye has made several improvements to Rister Park including 50 and 30 amp hookups. Individuals may also use the Gazebo at the Julian Morgan Museum for weddings, photo opportunities, and picnics! For more information about using these facilities, please contact Tye City Hall at 325-692-8588.

Tye Industrial Development Corporation has purchased new playground equipment for the Tye Town Park that will be installed in early September 2018, and will be purchasing new equipment for both Rister Park and Laney Homestead Park in the coming fiscal year. Additionaly, TIDCO will install new “Welcome to Tye” signage along FM707 and Interstate 20 to welcome visitors and new residents.

Community Center

Located at 103 North Street, the Tye Community Center is available to rent for special occassions. With a full kitchen, tables, chairs and large restrooms, the Center has everything you need for your next event! Contact the Tye Industrial Park to reserve your date.

Four Hour Rental – $200
All Day Rental – $350
$200 Deposit Required for all Rentals

Bereavement Rental
Tye residents may rent the facility for a funeral or memorial service for $100. Residents renting for this purpose must show a current water bill and proof of services prior to reserving the space.

For more information please contact the Tedco offices at 325-695-8253

Tye Workforce Facts

Tye is located in Taylor County, Texas, it covers 170 square miles which makes up 1.3% of all land in Taylor County. Its surrounding metropolitan area represents one of the most affordable labor markets in the nation. The average income per household in Tye is $30,125, compared to the Taylor County average household income of $33,906. There are 95 businesses in Tye that employ 800 full time employees. Over all, Taylor Country has a total of 3,502 businesses that employe 48,645 full time employees. Therefore, Tye employs 1.5% of the total employees in Taylor County.

The average value of a house in Tye, Texas is $29,400, compared to the Taylor

County average home value of $60,665.00.

 The total population for Tye, Texas is 1,265 comprising 0.8% of the total population of Taylor County. There’s 568 households in Tye, consisting of an averge of 2.8 people per household.

 Tye, Texas has a population that consists of 84% White, 1.3% Black, 9.1% Hispanic, 0.7% Asian, 0.7% Native American, and 4.2 Other. This compares to Taylor County, which consists of 66.7% White, 6.4% Black, 14.8% Hispanic, 1.0% Asian, 0.5% Native American, and 10.6% Other.

Men make up 48.3% of the total population of Tye, Women make up 51.7% of the remaining population. The average age of a man in Tye is 32.7 years old. The average age of a female in Tye is 34.8 years old.

With respect to healthcare insurance coverage and Tye, approximately 23.1% of this population under the age of 65 do not have healthcare insurance. This observation is based on the most recent U. S. Census date in which 23.1% of the population of Taylor County are uninsured. In the state of Texas, the overall percentage of people without healthcare insurance and under the age 65 is 27.6%.

More Community Facts

Events and Activities
Tye hosts several annual events each year including a Back to School Bash each August, a Citywide Garage Sale each April, the Citywide Easter Egg Hunt, a Fireworks Show in July, the Haunted Hangar in October, and a Community Christmas event in December.Safety
The City of Tye has four full-time police officers, an animal control officer, an ordinance officer, and a top notch volunteer fire department.Housing
Affordable housing is just one of the many amenities of Tye. Whether you’re interested in rentals, purchasing a home, or building your own, we have everything you need to relocate! Stop by the Tye Industrial Park today for more information.

Tye offers easy access to Interstate 20 and FM 707. Over the past several years the TEDCO and TIDCO organizations have worked diligently with the City of Tye to ensure safe roadways inlcluding our most recent project, the repaving and widening of Air Base Road. Additionally both TEDCO and TIDCO are working with businesses along the North Access road with grants to connect to the new sewer line being installed by the City of Tye in the coming months.

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