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Business Incentives

Our Mission

The mission of the Tye Industrial Development Corporation is to use sales tax revenue to effectively stimulate Tye’s economic growth. This is done by evaluating the community’s economic needs, developing a plan to meet those needs, coordinating community development efforts and supporting targeted activities that promote development purposes and expanded business enterprises that enhance the quality of life in the community and maximize the public’s return on invested tax dollars.


Selling Points

1. Permits are easily granted and the City of Tye, TIDCO, and TEDCO
are willing to provide assistance. We have a team of professionals ready to help your business grow.
2. Property taxes are low, which means more money in your pocket!



Tye Industrial Development Corporation:

Approved by the voters of Tye, Tye Industrial Development Corporation uses sales tax revenue to help bring new businesses and to retain and expand existing businesses in our city. Serving on the Board of Directors are: George Deffenbaugh– President, Danette Dunlap - Vice President, Vada Childers – Secretary/Treasurer, Sherry Lyle, and Cody Ellis.


Tye Economic Development Corporation:

The Tye Economid Development Corporation, approved by the voters of Tye, uses sales tax revenue to enhance the Community at large, such as parks project, road projects, and projects to enhance the local business economy.Serving on the Board of Directors are: President - Jeanette Kingery, Vice President - Ken Arnold, Treasurer/Secretary - Teresa Teaff, and Directors Caroline Downs, Amye Butler, Pam Perkins, and Kenney Dry.


Administrative Staff:

Chief Executive Officer - Jennifer Black

Administrative Assistant - Mary McCarty

Community Center Attendant - Leona Davis


Contact Information:

TIDCO/TEDCO offices are located at 649 Scott Street, Tye, Texas 79563.

Mailing Address: PO Box 125, Tye Texas, 79563

Phone: (325) 695-8253

Email: tedco@cityoftyeedc.org

Fax: (325) 692-1056

Our Goals

Our Top 5 Goals:


1. To make Tye competitive in
the attraction of business
and industry in order to
create new, sustainable


2. To create new jobs and
retain existing jobs by
providing assistance to
existing and emerging


3. To strengthen and expand
the skills of the Tye labor


4. To clean up and revitalize
downtown Tye.


5. To help bring, retail
business such as a grocery store, motel, fast food restaurants, and a bank to Tye.